chicken & rice halal food cart

September 16, 2010

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[Pictures courtesy of Lo's camera.]

Thursdays make me wish I didn’t have a full day of my internship on Fridays. All of us MPH’ers have epidemiology on Thursday night, so the past 2 weeks, we’ve been going out somewhere after class.

So tonight, Ne told us that she has a friend who wants to open an Atomic Wings chain in the Middle East, but needs her to try it out and report back. So she convinced a bunch of us to go with her to eat some free chicken wings! We obliged, but unfortunately, it was already closed when we got there! Bummer.

Back-up plan? We went downtown to the Halal Cart at 6th Ave and 52nd Street that has some supposedly really good chicken & rice.

Ne waiting in line.

halal food cart line

It’s our turn to pig out! Chicken, lamb, or combo? Just chicken & rice please.

halal food cart

Score! J’s chicken & rice on display.

halal cart chicken & rice

The verdict? Really tasty and great for sinus relief (super spicy hot sauce… take care in adding it!!). It was especially good given that it was a bit cold and sprinkling a bit outside.

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