March 17, 2011

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Thursday night dinner in Brooklyn at Dumont! This place is incredible — comfortable, not pretentious, mellow atmosphere, and solid food.

But rather unfortunately, the photos I took look radioactive a la Harry’s Burritos! But I promise that it was incredibly delicious. So far, Brooklyn wins over my heart (and tummy) with this one along with Traif.


Cute Japanese beer.

japanese beer

My beet, arugula, and feta cheese salad.

beet & feta cheese salad

J’s asparagus & fried cheese salad.

asparagus salad with fried cheese

Lo’s fries.


Two Dumont burgers — C’s & Lo’s.

dumont burger

dumont burger

J’s incredible roasted chicken with gnocchi. I had a hefty portion of this (an entire breast) because the server mixed up our leftovers. I was sad at first because my mac & cheese (below) was so good, but the chicken was also amazing as leftovers!

roasted chicken

The dumac & cheese. Simply amazing — has bacon bits inside!!!

dumac & cheese

We topped off the meal with a nice ginger creme brulee.

ginger creme brulee

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