harry’s (radioactive) burritos

January 4, 2011

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Check out my dinner, dude!!!

non-dairy vegetarian burrito

It’s radioactive!!! Li and I went to Harry’s Burritos for dinner and catching up before I headed back to San Hooooo and she to Honduras. Here’s Li’s fish tacos.

fish tacos

They weren’t really radioactive, of course, but I had to post them. If I’m gonna post food photos, I gotta post the bad too right? They were totally unsalvageable, even with extensive Photoshop curves tweaking, hue, saturation, everything. Just hopeless. They weren’t actually that color either of course, but they have some crazy lights going on in there, and I only brought my crap powershot. Ughhh how I want a S95.

In case you’re wondering, I got the non-dairy vegetarian burrito. Brave of me, eh? Tofu-based “sour cream.” I’m experimenting with this whole going vegetarian, and occasionally vegan thing. It’s tough because I found out I really don’t like tofu-based sour cream. In fact, it’s flat out nastaeeee. But the rest of the burrito (with it’s fake cheese) was actually pretty decent.

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