kimchi jigae

March 25, 2010

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Kimchi jigae!

Second time making it with this recipe was even better than the first! I left out tofu at the end since it was plenty already, but I will probably toss it in during later meals. This time around, I followed the norecipes one.

Cost breakdown (in rmb):

*Already had*

  • miso
  • gochujjang (from last time)
  • white wine (from ramen)
  • soy sauce
  • garlic
  • rice
  • salted seaweed
  • butter

TOTAL: 0 ($0 USD)

*Main ingredients*

  • white button mushrooms (more than needed): 6.18
  • large white onion: 3.66
  • fatty pork belly: 16.8
  • enoki mushrooms (more than needed): 7
  • ginger (more than needed): 2.7
  • green onion (more than needed): 1.17
  • kimchi (more than needed): 15.8
  • tofu (didn’t use): 2.1

TOTAL: 55.41 ($8.12 USD)

The first step was to chop up the white onion, garlic, and fatty pork.

Prepping for sauté

Fatty pork belly

While sautéing the garlic, sliced onion, and pork belly a bit before adding water for soup, I chopped up the enoki and white button mushrooms.

Stir it up


Enter: the most crucial ingredient — kimchi! I added in the kimchi with some of the kimchi juice. While that was boiling up, I added in the gochujjang, miso, a splash of soy sauce, and rice wine.


Shortly thereafter, it was ready to eat! I had some rice cooking on the side once I had my mixture ready. I also bought some kim, or salted dried seaweed, because I love eating it with rice. Right before serving, I put in a slice of butter (yes, butter!) and some freshly cut scallions. Soooo delicious!

Ready to eat!

The above ingredients were plenty for 2 bowls. There are enough leftovers for probably 4 more servings.

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