mock tortilla soup & chicken tacos

May 22, 2010

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Thought we’d try something other than American or Asian cuisine today. Recipes followed:

  • Tortilla Soup — not super authentic, but SUPER delicious! I added corn though the recipe doesn’t call for it.
  • Salsa Verde — This served as the inspiration, but I had to adapt heavily (and I basically made it a basic salsa pictured in this post) since I couldn’t find the right ingredients in the store. But still good.

Tortilla Soup & salsa

Cost breakdown (in rmb):

*Already had*

  • salt
  • pepper
  • garlic
  • pita bread
    TOTAL: 0

    *Main ingredients*

    • 2 avocados (more than needed): 42.41
    • 2 chicken breast: 12.54
    • can of whole kernel corn: 10
    • chicken broth: 17
    • cilantro (more than needed): 0.91
    • monterey jack cheese (more than needed): 29.9
    • tomatoes: 8.5
    • white onion: 4.41
    • green onion (more than needed): 1.56
    • green peppers (more than needed): 2.04

    TOTAL: 129.27 ($18.92 USD)

    Salsa on standby

    We finished the mock tacos the first night, with extra pita bread to spare. The soup was enough for a nice bowl for breakfast the next day, and then I finished off most of the remaining ingredients to make another two huge bowls for dinner. Yum!

    For more pictures from cooking this dinner, check out my flickr.

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