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[In honor of your visit to NYC, ickleruthiekins, I'm posting pictures from your visit from nearly 2 years ago!! Can't wait to see you again. :) ]


So ickleruthiekins came to visit, and we had a great time! Given the end of school, I had lots more time to hang out. First stop, Totto Ramen. Read the full post →


BCD Tofu dinner.

with dad

Highline happiness.

les parents

Chelsea Market.

seafood place

chelsea market

Pisticci’s brunch — penne, truffled eggs served with truffle oil & shaved prosiutto, lemon ricotta pancakes, and uova contadine.

penne pisticci

truffled eggs served with truffle oil & shaved prosciutto

lemon ricotta pancakes

uova contadine

Columbia University overpass.

morningside overpass


tabard inn restaurant

August 14, 2011

in Eat

Based on a fellow classmate’s recommendations, I finally made it a point to come to Tabard Inn Restaurant before my DC departure. The place is technically also a hotel-inn, so you kind of go to the back where it’s a weird home-ish looking lobby. Apparently you’re supposed to make reservations a month in advance (which I didn’t do), so I just asked Becks and Cath if they wanted to join me and showed up 30 minutes before brunch started. We got seats right when brunch service started.

Assorted breads basket. I might say that this is hands down the best damn free bread basket I have ever had. I mean, it has savory and sweet scones, and these amazing, amazing chocolate muffins, and to top it off, it’s “FREE”!!! Served up with plenty of butter.

assorted bread basket

Started with some of their much-talked-about freshly-fried donuts. Delicious, but honestly, I think it’d be hard to screw up something fried and then coated in sugar. And then served with a giant dollop of creamy butter. Solid combo.

tabard's own freshly-fried donuts

All three of us got the fried oyster & grits with a poached egg. I love fried things, grits, and eggs. It was pretty tasty, but after the waitress talked it up so much, I honestly thought it would have been even better. But worth a try for sure.

fried oyster & grits with poached egg

Friends old and new. Becks!

becks & me


c & me

Overall, solid brunch, but I still prefer Ted’s Bulletin. :)

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Day out with the girls: Ted’s Bulletin brunch, H Street Dance Festival, and Hill Country dinner. Us at Ted’s for brunch!

ka & am


The homemade blueberry pop tart we shared — delicious!!

blueberry poptart

Milkshakes. Still the best I’ve ever had.


This may be the ONLY time I have ever liked hash browns. Mark on an Off Day (2 eggs, choice of meat, hash browns or toast). The Big Mark Breakfast, in comparison, has 3 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausages, hash browns, toast, and a homemade pop tart. Love the names of the menu items.

mark on an off day

After a bit of shopping in Pentagon City, we headed back to Penn Quarter for the street dance festival. Fun, but soooo incrediblyyyy hotttttt!!!



And then dinner at Hill Country. It reminds me of Dinosaur BBQ in NY, except you get your own food and pay by weight. Yummy. My canon failing me — crap photos.



Our family meal! :)

family meal


ted’s bulletin

July 10, 2011

in Eat,Play

I was a bad (my version of a) “vegetarian” today, but I’ve found my favorite brunch place (so far) in DC — Ted’s Bulletin!!! This place is nothing short of amazing — the decor, the food, the menu, the options, and droooollllll… THE MILKSHAKES!!!

heath almond milkshake

I got the heath almond milkshake pictured above. Hands down the best milkshake I have ever had. In my life. Check out their extensive selection here. Ka got an adult milkshake that was equally delicious.

It was already 2 pm or so by the time we ate, so I opted for a burger — the Drew’s Peanut Butter Bacon Burger. Peanut butter, seriously…? YES!!! So ingenius, gooey, and good.

drew’s peanut butter bacon burger

At our booth.

with ka

Part of the interior. Love the theme.

show some restraint

The place gets really packed so expect an hour’s wait, unless you go around the time we did where a “one-hour wait” becomes a mere fifteen. But I’m pretty sure that’s unusual. We strolled around eastern market afterwards.

See what I ate earlier on this week.


open city {revisited}

June 19, 2011

in Eat

Late brunch @ Open City. My croque madame. Better than Alice’s Tea Cup’s version.

croque madame

Goodbye T & Lo. :( Miss you guys already.

t & lo

me & ig

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