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I’ve been wanting to make this carbonara “pasta” dish (inspired by a dinner at Blue Hill Stonebarns) for more than a year, but didn’t have a julienned slicer. Enter my Cuisinart food processor — it was so simple and quick!

beet & goat cheese terrine, served with balsamic + fleur de sel

We started with the beet & goat cheese terrine above (2-mm slices of beets also done by my Cuisinart), with some salt and pepper cracked on top, with some drips of balsamic. Ate along with the beet, orange, and fennel salad pictured below. The dressing on top was a honey, olive oil, and riesling emulsification.

orange, beet, and fennel salad with drizzle of honey-olive-oil-riesling dressing

And then to the main — a bed of julienned zucchini and carrots, with a fried egg on top, and a drizzle (drench) of a pan-fried butter, bacon, chorizo, and heavy cream mixture.

julienned zucchini + carrots topped with "carbonara" of pan-fried chorizo, bacon, butter, heavy cream, and egg

We cheated a little with a previously-made dessert. Still had some of the roasted cherry and goat cheese ice cream I made a few weeks back. Here, paired with some Eggo waffle triangles and balsamic.

roasted cherry goat cheese ice cream served with toasted waffle


fall amlilo nights

November 18, 2011

in Play

Pre-Le Poisson Rouge @ Grom in West Village. Fully coordinated!

gelato 2012.11.08

@ Marquee!

marquee 2012.11.18

Post Marquee

marquee 2012.11.18


sake bar hagi {fnr}

November 4, 2011

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One of my new favorite places, Sake Bar Hagi! Rollin’ with the FNR crew. :)

me + lo!

t + char!

Juicy, juicy tontoro.


Fried gizzards.

fried gizzards

Grilled hamachi — not at all dry and haven’t had it better elsewhere. Mmmm…

grilled hamachi

Seared tuna.

seared tuna

Agedashi tofu.

agedashi tofu

Grilled cheek.

grilled cheek

Fried frog legs.

frog karaage

And then dessert!!! Honestly, my favorite place for green tea ice cream, everrr. The sesame ice cream is amazing as well.

sesame ice cream with red bean cake

green tea ice cream with red bean cake

Congrats on med school, T!

congrats, t!

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amorino, fuerza bruta

October 8, 2011

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fuerza bruta

Night out w/HPM ladies. Clip from my favorite part from fuerza bruta. So much fun!

Pre-show gelato from Amorino. Speculoos + milk.

gelato rose petals




melt shop

melt shop

Love, love, love grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmm… Met up with the DOH’ers at Melt Shop for lunch. Three cheese melt — gruyere, fontina, and goat cheese with roasted tomatoes. Read the full post →


mmm, bread

I’ve ate an insane, insane amount these last days in DC. I should have taken a break, but instead agreed to restaurant week dinner with Obi at Blacksalt Fish Market & Restaurant in Palisades, and then proceeded to not even order the restaurant week menu, going all out instead. Read the full post →

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