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breakneck ridge 2011

October 22, 2011

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breakneck ridge

After last year’s fun (but freezing) excursion to Breakneck Ridge, we had to go again before all the leaves fell off the trees. Read the full post →


Beautiful spring day in Central Park!

pretty skies

japan 4-miler nyrr race!

Time: 34:58


nyrr 4 mile

April 23, 2011

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nyrr 4 mile

My second run ever in the rain, but it was pouring unlike at Coogan’s where it was drizzle and slight rain. Sigh.

I thought the adrenaline and desire to be out of the rain ASAP would help me through, but I started off too fast and came under 8 minutes for the first mile (I think it was around 7:30, but that’s a rough estimate based on what others around me said the starting time was because I couldn’t see it). Mile 2 went by alright, but miles 3 and 4 were somewhat of a struggle with the Harlem Hills. I had to stop at the mile 2 and mile 3 water stations this time, unlike last week where I just stopped at 3. I usually can make it to 4, but my mouth was getting so dry.

I somehow managed to cut off 9 seconds per mile compared to last week’s 4-miler, but I think I may have actually felt worse than last week. Really gotta train harder!


PR’ed it! But I will never do bikram the day before a run, again! I should have learned my lesson with the Scotland Run 10k when I ran 5 miles 2 days before the race.

city parks foundation run for the parks 4 mile

Happy nonetheless, even though it didn’t feel great. See the pain on my face at the finish line?

city parks foundation run for the parks 4 mile

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After an especially over-indulgent dinner last night, Lo and I got up at the crack of dawn to prep for the NYRR Scotland Run! Even though it was a 9 am run, we had to get there early to pick up t-shirts, in hopes that we’d get a small size… but we didn’t. Sad face.

Lo with the obligatory post-race bagel and fruit!


We also got a stoats oat bar. It was yummy!!!

stoats oats! yum!

Human-powered smoothies!

human-powered blender!

Cool old man runner.

cool old man

Dancers before the raffle!

I thought it would be a bad race because I made the mistake of running 5 miles on Friday and was still sore in the morning, but it was a good race! We also got good treats afterward even if we didn’t win the tickets for 2 trip to Scotland. Maybe next year. Read the full post →


[Sorry, you're going to have to read a bit today first!]

This week has been crazy. Admittedly, I like it when it’s a bit insane, but today was one of those “I think I signed on to too much” days. You know it’s going to be a long day when you accidentally grab a red onion while running out the door, thinking it’s an apple you grabbed.

And because I haven’t written much about what I’m doing over at the NYC Department of Health as I had promised in my NYC marathon commitment to my many supporters (thank you!!!), I’ll touch upon it briefly here.

I intern at the DOH 3 times a week, half a day each time. I’m housed in the Harlem District Public Health Office, which is one of a handful of DPHOs that were created to address unmet needs within the specific community. As “Harlem DPHO” would imply, we serve the East & Central Harlem community.

My job as an intern is basically to work with 2 of the elementary schools there to help them think of creative ways to hold fundraisers that don’t involve bake sales and the like (because that isn’t promoting eating healthy foods, in case you were unclear on that point…). I also assist in making flyers and worksite wellness tips (like “take the stairs this week instead of the elevator”). Stuff like that.

It’s great to see the positive changes that are happening — one of the schools has pushed their local bodega to carry fresh fruits and vegetables — but there are also really sad realities. For example, many of the schools share the same building, and thus, the same multipurpose room. Needless to say, this prevents students from getting the Department of Education-required 120 minutes of PE exercise a week. In case you’re curious, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommends 60 minutes each day for the same age group. (For 18 and over, see if you’re meeting the guidelines here.)

It’s only one part the obesity equation, so we also provide assistance to the schools to find local resources and programs to help them reach their physical activity & wellness goals. One of these programs is Mighty Milers — one of the major programs that the funds I raise will go toward! I first learned of the program last semester when interning with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Basically, NYRR goes into the school, measures out some distance, and the students have the school year to rack up their marathon distance, fundraise based on miles ran, and also get some much-needed physical activity into their day. From everything I’ve heard, the students love it and of course being a member of NYRR myself, I think it’s great. Read the full post →

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