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February 26, 2011

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[Shameless self-promotion: help me reach my fundraising goal for the 2011 ING Marathon!]

Waking up at 5 am is no fun, but the day before a race, I’ve always got so much adrenaline going that I have no trouble getting up. There’s always a tinge of regret for signing up for a race too.

Once you get near the race grounds though and see all the runners, you’re really happy to be there. Misery loves company, except it starts to turn into excitement as you get into your corrals. Speed-demon Lo (see her red race tag?) and I took the subway down to Prospect Park in Brooklyn today to do the 4-mile race through NYRR! Here we are after the race!

winners! in our own hearts.

I finished in 35:22, technically a personal best per mile (8:51) if you don’t count that 8k I did in Shanghai where the time may not have been accurate. It was a really good run — no cramps, and I could actually pick up the pace at mile 2, going faster with each mile. I think I actually did the last 2 in about 8:30 each, but it averaged out a bit higher.

Here’s Lo & CJ, who almost managed to do the whole race “properly”! haha

lo & cj

Afterward, we walked over to a random cafe nearby, Crossroads Cafe for some coffee and food. I got a soy latte that was decent, along with a california panini — also alright.

crossroads cafe

california panini

Yes, that’s bacon you see! It’s my post-race treat to myself.

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