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Beautiful spring day in Central Park!

pretty skies

japan 4-miler nyrr race!

Time: 34:58


nyrr 4 mile

April 23, 2011

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nyrr 4 mile

My second run ever in the rain, but it was pouring unlike at Coogan’s where it was drizzle and slight rain. Sigh.

I thought the adrenaline and desire to be out of the rain ASAP would help me through, but I started off too fast and came under 8 minutes for the first mile (I think it was around 7:30, but that’s a rough estimate based on what others around me said the starting time was because I couldn’t see it). Mile 2 went by alright, but miles 3 and 4 were somewhat of a struggle with the Harlem Hills. I had to stop at the mile 2 and mile 3 water stations this time, unlike last week where I just stopped at 3. I usually can make it to 4, but my mouth was getting so dry.

I somehow managed to cut off 9 seconds per mile compared to last week’s 4-miler, but I think I may have actually felt worse than last week. Really gotta train harder!


PR’ed it! But I will never do bikram the day before a run, again! I should have learned my lesson with the Scotland Run 10k when I ran 5 miles 2 days before the race.

city parks foundation run for the parks 4 mile

Happy nonetheless, even though it didn’t feel great. See the pain on my face at the finish line?

city parks foundation run for the parks 4 mile

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lolamb book club

To celebrate the finishing of Everything Is Illuminated, we headed to Ukrainian East Village for some Ukrainian food, in honor of my favorite character, Alex from Odessa!!!

Yea, J knows he blinked, but he was getting tired of my photo-taking ways.

It was my first time having Ukrainian food, ever. Pretty good, although I don’t think I’d be having Ukrainian food cravings any time soon. I just really relish the few times I have a good enough excuse to eat meat.

Lo & I shared a borscht soup.

borscht soup

Dinner came with a salad, with Russian dressing.

salad with russian dressing

And most of us got the special platter with pierogi, sausage, and other delicious brown foods that look more bland than they taste.

special platter

Some other people at our table — T & Haru! I neglected to take other pics.

t & haru

Afterward, a few of us headed to Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

il laboratorio del gelato

It was so creamy and delicious. Brought back sweet, sweet memories of La Creme Milano in Shanghai. Here’s what I’m talking about (from my top ten of twenty ten list).

Caramel & Yogurt Gelato

I got the raspberry and honey lavender. Everyone should try it, really. They even have flavors like Guinness, and a huge assortment of other flavors. I thought perhaps they even had classes there, since the back kitchen part is so large. After looking into it and sadly finding there aren’t, I did learn that the owner was the founder of Ciao Bella gelato, but later sold off the company. Ciao Bella is my absolute favorite store-bought gelato.

Ok, more people shots!



Ending with the book club members! Join us in reading the next book — Norwegian Wood (already finished as of 5/12) the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay! See past book club events here. It’s super exclusive and I know you want to be part of it.

lolamb book club


After an especially over-indulgent dinner last night, Lo and I got up at the crack of dawn to prep for the NYRR Scotland Run! Even though it was a 9 am run, we had to get there early to pick up t-shirts, in hopes that we’d get a small size… but we didn’t. Sad face.

Lo with the obligatory post-race bagel and fruit!


We also got a stoats oat bar. It was yummy!!!

stoats oats! yum!

Human-powered smoothies!

human-powered blender!

Cool old man runner.

cool old man

Dancers before the raffle!

I thought it would be a bad race because I made the mistake of running 5 miles on Friday and was still sore in the morning, but it was a good race! We also got good treats afterward even if we didn’t win the tickets for 2 trip to Scotland. Maybe next year. Read the full post →


Today, we had a celebratory dinner for completing Eat, Pray, Love as part of the ever-popular (but still heavily recruiting) Lolamb Book Club! Our dinners involve picking a theme from the book and dining around that theme after we all (both) finish the book.

lolamb's book club eat pray love dinner

We had dinner at Kismat in Washington Heights as a result. I actually liked it ok, but maybe because the last time I had chicken tikka masala was in Beijing (it couldn’t have been that long ago though I don’t think…) and it was absolutely terrible there. It tasted like spaghetti sauce with chicken. So I was relatively happy with Kismat.

I know you want to know all about our extensive discussion of the book, but unfortunately, only members (and accompanying dinner guests, such as T this time around) are privy to that knowledge. So here’s the food pictures instead.


Chana saag.

chana saag

Chicken tikka masala.

chicken tikka masala

Grilled lamb & mushrooms.

grilled lamb & mushrooms

We also got chicken vindaloo, naan, and mango lassi. Fun! Next dinner up is for Everything is Illuminated! Shoot me an email if you want to join our book club… I’m serious!!!

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