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amorino, fuerza bruta

October 8, 2011

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fuerza bruta

Night out w/HPM ladies. Clip from my favorite part from fuerza bruta. So much fun!

Pre-show gelato from Amorino. Speculoos + milk.

gelato rose petals





May 20, 2011

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Paid a visit to Stand4 today. What. A. Let. Down.

Here’s puffer fish T & C while we’re waiting for our food. Our waiter was such a dud. He didn’t even ask us how we wanted our burgers. I don’t think he even smiled.

puffer fish t & c

And then our milkshakes came. I didn’t order the large because it cost more, and I rarely ever finish a milkshake anywhere (yes, even at Shack Shake). It’s always too sweet. But seriously? Is this a joke?

burnt marshmallow milkshake

They also cut the straw so that it’s about 2 inches long, inevitably causing you to hassle them for a *real* straw. Idiotic. To put it into better perspective because I’m sure that photo above makes it look a lot larger than it actually is, here are Lo & I with our shakes.

lo & me

At least they were tasty. We got sweet potato friends and onion rings to share. The sweet potato fries were pretty good (except our crap waiter somehow put down two orders of them when we only asked for one), and the onion rings are so salty that it’s nearly impossible to eat.

sweet potato fries

onion rings

The burger itself was somewhat redeeming.

the stand burger

But at this price point, I’d gladly take Shack Shake over it. Following, it was a fierce night of taboo that got even the usually calm C worked up.


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hayato, moon hooch

April 1, 2011

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mod hair

I got a haircut today!!! After extensive searching, I made an appointment at Hayato yesterday with Nao on a whim that I should chop off my stringy strands. And then with y control blasting into my ears, the yeah yeah yeahs compelled me to transform the end result of 2 pictures taken in the bathroom into a work of modern art for you, made all the more acceptable.

Also, check out this awesome band I listened to at the Union Square stop on my way back uptown! The video pretty much sucks because I get all shy and self-conscious when I’m recording things like a tourist. Their band page is here. And people partying it up to the same song at Bedford Stop.


I’ve been wanting to go to Ronny Brook Milk Bar in Chelsea Market for a long time now, and finally had a chance to today! Yay! Got the eggs in a hole — love, love, love. While not as tasty as Traif’s egg in a nest (because THAT is just incredible), it is simple and delicious.

eggs in a hole

After brunch, Lo and I checked out a James Perse sample sale in Chelsea Market, leaving empty handed, and met up with Li to visit the Highline! Read the full post →


cinnamon hot chocolate

Saturday night dinner downtown, with a quick stop at the City Bakery for some cinnamon hot chocolate (for hot chocolate month) followed by the City Tavern in the Union Square & Flatiron area. The Tavern had pretty average food — I don’t think I would go back, especially because the person who seems to be the owner or manager is rude. Anyway…

lo w/choco

Just the day in pictures mostly. Read the full post →

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