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breakneck ridge 2011

October 22, 2011

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breakneck ridge

After last year’s fun (but freezing) excursion to Breakneck Ridge, we had to go again before all the leaves fell off the trees. Read the full post →


Day out with the girls: Ted’s Bulletin brunch, H Street Dance Festival, and Hill Country dinner. Us at Ted’s for brunch!

ka & am


The homemade blueberry pop tart we shared — delicious!!

blueberry poptart

Milkshakes. Still the best I’ve ever had.


This may be the ONLY time I have ever liked hash browns. Mark on an Off Day (2 eggs, choice of meat, hash browns or toast). The Big Mark Breakfast, in comparison, has 3 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausages, hash browns, toast, and a homemade pop tart. Love the names of the menu items.

mark on an off day

After a bit of shopping in Pentagon City, we headed back to Penn Quarter for the street dance festival. Fun, but soooo incrediblyyyy hotttttt!!!



And then dinner at Hill Country. It reminds me of Dinosaur BBQ in NY, except you get your own food and pay by weight. Yummy. My canon failing me — crap photos.



Our family meal! :)

family meal


Day at the National Portrait Gallery with H & Am! Probably one of my favorite places in DC, especially because of their amazing AC. You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside, so here we are in the courtyard.

h & am

me with h

We got lucky and ended up getting seated for an early dinner at Rasika. You usually have to make reservations welllll in advance (at least 2 weeks I would say) to get a reasonable dinner hour reservation. So good and so worth it.

Our food! I don’t remember the names of the dishes anymore, so just general descriptions… here’s the naan. (I want to say it was truffle oil naan, but it’s nearly 3 months after I ate there that I’m writing this, so I can’t be sure…)


Okra. Kind of tastes like eggplant prepared this way.


A tomato-based paneer.

something tomato-y

And of course, chicken tikka masala.

chicken tikka masala


Kayaking on the Potomac + ice cream from Thomas Sweet. Mailman girls + Ig.

mailman + ig

Look at that amazing water… (Kiddingggg, it looks radioactive and probably is cuz I saw a dead fish at one point. Not kidding about that.)




Ice cream! Obama went here for Father’s Day the other weekend. I got the coffee toffee chip. It’s a lot creamier than most ice cream places, though I don’t think it’s as good as Ici in Berkeley (with nearly SIXTEEN HUNDRED reviews… crazy), nor Bi-Rite in San Francisco (even crazier at nearly four thousand…). Miss the Bay, especially Berkeley. ♥

ice cream!


ro & am

thomas' sweet cream

thomas' sweet cream


Yay! Lo & T are in town! At Paul’s bakery.

me & lo

Lo’s mushroom quiche.

mushroom quiche

Late lunch at Good Stuff Eatery.

good stuff eatery

Farmhouse bacon cheese, shared with Lo. I didn’t like that they wrapped it up — got all soggy and mushy and impossible to eat without a fork and knife. I hate using a fork and knife to eat burgers and pizza.

farmhouse bacon cheese

Spike’s village fries. Eh. I’ll take the Counter parm cheese fries over this. The milkshakes were amazing though.

spike's village fries

Walking it off at the Archives.


The Washington Monument for probably the 20th time, not even exaggerating.

wa monu

And Lincoln for the 3rd.

lincoln memorial

lo & t


T the unicorn.

unicorn t

Dinner at Matchbox Chinatown. Definitely one of my fav restaurants in DC — the pizza (and really, everything else) is so damn goooood.

mushroom & pepperoni pizza

Including my Chimay. Haven’t had a Chimay since Beijing days.

drinks @ matchbox

And of course Pitango post-meal, pre-drink before the blurrr.

pitango gelato

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Beautiful spring day in Central Park!

pretty skies

japan 4-miler nyrr race!

Time: 34:58