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the meatball shop

November 23, 2011

in Eat

Dinner at the Meatball Shop! Decent meatballs. Here: risotto, naked balls with mushroom gravy, & artichokes brussel sprouts.

risotto, naked balls, & artichokes

The boys.

the boys

The FNR Crew (minus Char).

t, me, lo


me, lo


fall amlilo nights

November 18, 2011

in Play

Pre-Le Poisson Rouge @ Grom in West Village. Fully coordinated!

gelato 2012.11.08

@ Marquee!

marquee 2012.11.18

Post Marquee

marquee 2012.11.18


a salt & battery fish & chips

Went to the highly-raved about fish & chips place, A Salt & Battery, in West Village tonight for dinner with the usual suspects.


lo & me

I got a large order of the fish and chips for us to share.

fish & chips

The verdict? Really overrated. The fish was fresh, but it lacked flavor. The chips were nothing to rave about either. I won’t be going back. Afterward, the boys and I went to watch Thor. Now that is something to rave about (at least Chris Hemsworth is!!).


crispo & friends

April 9, 2011

in Eat,Play

Just pictures today. Fun night at Crispo in West Village for J’s bday dinner, with a brief stop at Strand beforehand. The food was all really amazing, especially the desserts…


t & k

ka, me, lo






creme brulee & chocolate pudding

panna cotta


ka the unicorn

Thank you, and 生日快乐 Jeffrey! See more photos on my flickr.

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soy & sake

March 15, 2011

in Eat

I’ve fallen dreadfully behind in updates again. :( Here’s a brief one before I call it a night, from dinner with Haru & J at Soy & Sake, a vegetarian pan-asian restaurant in West Village that we went to during the week of spring break!

The food is decent, but mixed. In case you’re wondering, it’s run by Chinese people. I had a really hard time trying to sell the concept of vegetarian Japanese food to someee people!

Roti appetizer. Not bad, but the serving size is way too small for the price!


Spicy “tuna” roll — really obvious that it’s soy tuna. I’ll have my raw tuna next time, thank you very much.

spicy tuna roll

Green soy chicken curry — my fav for the night. The soy chicken was good because it kept the juices of the sauce.

green soy chicken curry

Naruto roll appetizer.


Fried banana with soy vanilla ice cream.

fried banana with soy ice cream

Vegan carrot cake.

carrot cake


bleecker street pizza

Took the gang to Bleecker Street Pizza for dinner and a study break. We got the pepperoni pizza and nonna maria (not pictured).

pepperoni pizza!

The boys.

t, c, b

The girls.

haru, me, lo

And then off to Milk & Cookies — another spot that I went to during a food walking tour a few years ago. It’s not nearly as good as I remember it being unfortunately, but it’s a cute place. Picture is blurry, sorry.

milk & cookies

Our baker’s dozen.

baker's dozen

Lo & T!

lo and t